Spectacular Deer Hunting

Bobcat, Moose, & Bear Hunting

Take advantage of spectacular deer hunting with Spruce Mountain Guide Service. You'll hunt primarily from strategically placed tree stands and ground blinds placed along deer paths or feeding areas. Here you will have the greatest chance of intercepting your trophy. When conditions permit, we can still hunt in prime areas such as oak and beach ridges, or along cutover areas.

The 2 Seasons of Maine Bear Hunting
Face off eye-to-eye with a wild Maine black bear at close range. Alone with the bear and your adrenaline, your decisions will determine your success. The early 4-week bait hunting season involves the strategic placement of bait and careful waiting in tree stands and ground blinds. Book your one-on-one Maine bear hunt today.

Maine Hound Hunting
Hunt with the most productive dogs to ever hunt the Maine woods. The later Maine bear season consists of 1 and a half months of hound hunting. When hound hunting, we start early in the morning. We ride the back roads, letting the dogs pick up the bear scent in the area.Or we will start the dogs from bear baits. You've not lived until you've heard the sound that a pack of dogs makes on the trail of a giant black bear. We then follow them using modern telemetry equipment.They might tree the bear or bay the bear up on the ground, Then it is our job to get there, That's when it gets really exciting. Book your Maine hound hunting trip today.

  Maine Bob Cat Hunting
We begin before dawn, checking the baits for bobcat tracks. Tracks can also be found by snowmobile or from the road. Upon finding a good bobcat track, we'll turn the dogs loose and that is when the fun begins. The hounds will either tree the bobcat or bay it up. You can also shoot the bobcats crossing the roads. Call today to find out more about Maine bobcat hunting with hounds.

Maine Turkey Hunting
Wake up early to get out and around with turkey calls looking for a response. When the turkey responds we set up and wait. This requires expert stillness and patience, as this is a very cautious and intelligent bird.

Maine Rabbit Hunting
Enjoy a low-pressure, fun and relaxed hunt that is great for the whole family. Rabbit hunting is full of action and camaraderie, and can be done by vehicle or snowmobile. Book the hunting trip of a lifetime today. 

Bobcat Hunting in Snow
Trophy Bear
Turkey Trophy

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Fully Guided Deer Hunts Fully Guided Bobcat Hunt with Hounds




  • $700 Per Person
  • 5 Days of Hunting
  • Monday – Friday
  • Camp & Meals Included


  • $1,800 Per Person
  • 5 Days of Hunting
  • We also offer a day hunt  price for this hunt you can pay by the day,the price is $350 .With this hunt their is a $300 kill fee


Fully Guided Bear Hunts—Bait Fully Guided Bear Hunt—Hound


  • Bait—$1,500 Per person
  • 5 Days of Hunting
  • Monday – Friday
  • Camp & Meals Included


  • Hound—$1,900 Per Person
  • 5 Days of Hunting
  • Monday – Friday
  • Camp & Meals Included


Fully Guided Moose Hunt Turkey Hunting



  • $2,000 for 5 Days of Hunting
  • Monday – Friday
  • Must Have Lottery Tag to Participate
  • Camp & Meals Included
  • $200 Per Day Per Person
  • $300 with Lodging Included


Rabbit Hunting

Nonrefundable Deposits Due at Booking

$200 Per Day, up to 4 people

$300—Bait Hunt • $400—Hound Hunt
$100—Other Hunts

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